Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wow... its been awhile

As i write this, the house is quiet... no slamming of doors, no moans of nnnnnnnnooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! to be heard.

Yes my family left after spending 2 weeks here.... not that i came out of my room very much to notice.

Dont you just love doors that you can lock?

ANYWAY.... by todays date i see i haven't written in this blog in almost 2.5 years.

So you might be wondering what i have been doing since my last post.

Just a reminder our Regional's are late in the year... considering they places dont have AC thats great.

In 2012/2013 our first DC now RC was in Guadalajara, in what i was told was a Cockfighting arena.  Pretty neat.

We took the bus along with most of the rest of the congregation on what was supposed to be a 3 hour tour.... well we didnt shipwreck, but the driver got off on the east side of town looking for our hotels only to find out we were supposed to be on the NW side of town...

I didnt get a picture of him, but i remet (is that a word) a brother there that i hadnt seen in over 20 years.

But here is a picture of me and my parents.

In April 2012 (couple of months later) we had our 2nd memorial.

Since it was at the KH we decided to do our own flowers.  And i got stuck stripping... well i volunteered but still.

The finished product was very nice.

Yes thats more than half our KH... from the very back.... doesnt seem very big but it seats more than 90.  We have no 2nd school, and the bathrooms are outside.

Hey, but we are moving to a new KH, where we dont have to make sure there is running water.

Ill post pics of that later... maybe.

Dec2012/Jan2013 we had our 2nd DC/RC in guadalajara.  It was in an open air stadium.  We were TOLD that it is NEVER cold there and that it NEVER rains.

So knowing that it was open air i took my big umbrella thinking ill keep the sun off myself, LOL... well i didnt need it for the sun anyway.  It rained every day except sunday, and it was in the 40/50s.

I stayed under cover the whole time and allowed someone else to use the umbrella.  but it was cold inside too... just not wet.  I kept warm by going to electric water dispenser and filling my cup with HOT water... and dipping my fingers in it ... it was the ONLY way to keep warm and it caught on quick since no one brought anything for cold weather.  what little the stores had in the area of the hotels quickly sold out.

In Nov/Dec we had our 3rd convention here... but it was in Leon.  Much closer.. about an hour away.

Next time i will post some service pics.

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