Wednesday, May 9, 2012

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We have been here for 6 months... At least 3 times a week I have to pinch myself to remember that this is real and not my imagination.

 We arrived back in December.  Dad, Manuel, and I drove in from Texas.  We arrived at about 10 at night.  It was a crazy drive, we had so much fog south of Monterrey that we couldnt see 20 feet past the front of the hood.  

Getting across the border wasnt exactly a Kodak moment.  We arrived late that night, cause we left Houston that afternoon.  We knocked at every hotel along the highway, but since it was 2 weeks before the holidays, they were almost all booked... what wasnt all had single rooms for like $150 a night, and calling that motel seedy would be a step UP.  We were looking at crossing the border and trying to find a hotel in Mexico for the night but I think Manuel suggested we try downtown Laredo first.  We found a very nice hotel that had a suite for $150... whoo-hoo.

This picture was taken from our hotel suite window ledge/balcony.  Its the border crossing we used the next morning. 

We go across the border.  There is a mixup as to where which direction we are supposed to go, and instead of crossing into mexico, we somehow turn around and cross back into Texas.  We get to the border and the guy is like and where are you coming from? we say Houston, and he is 'theres a Houston in Mexico?'  At this point we realize that we never made into mexico.

We arrive in Nuevo Laredo, and drive around looking for immigration.  We get our papers, which is a long hassle, and drive on.  We cross the 2nd border crossing checkpoint (about 30 miles inland), and play the dumb americans well, and they just wave us through. 

As we pass Monterrey we get into heavy fog.  But once we pass the fog its beautiful.

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